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"Vortex is a fantastic exhaust system, and ticks all the boxes, smoother acceleration, more power more mpg, less emission, and sounds awesome!"

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Welcome to Vortex™ Exhaust Systems

Our aim is to improve the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine, boosting performance and saving you money on fuel.

By simply replacing conventional exhaust parts with Vortex® exhaust components you can achieve immediate and measurable improvements to your car engine efficiency.

The result? Significantly better fuel economy (higher MPG), significantly more power and lower emissions.

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Patented Vortex™ Exhaust Technologies

At the heart of our service is the Vortex® exhaust. Unlike any other exhaust, our patented Vortex® technology vacuums exhaust gases out at high speed, (lowering back pressure) allowing engines to run much more efficiently.


See how it works. Launch the Vortex Exhaust Simulation

Vortex™ Dealer Network & ecoflo Centres

Installation of Vortex® technology is easy via our network of authorised resellers.

Would you like to sell Vortex® Exhaust technology?

ImageWe’re helping car servicing garages become more profitable whilst helping their customers to save £100s in fuel costs.


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More Power (BHP) & Torque from your Engine

Compared to any other performance exhaust systems a Vortex® raceflo exhaust delivers more power and more torque! Boost your cars BHP by at least 10% and torque by 15%!

ImageVortex® raceflo performance exhaust technology is used by some of the world’s top rally drivers.

Watch the Vortex® raceflo performance exhaust movie.

Vortex™ Catalysts Catalytic Converters

ImageWe offer high performance catalytic converters for all makes of vehicle delivered to you direct overnight. Shop online today and pay via PayPal using a credit card.

Find a catalytic converter for your car.

Other applications for Vortex™ Technology

ImageWe’re helping fleet owners reduce their lorry & van fuel consumption, saving £1000s off their running costs.

Watch the Vortex® fleetflo movie.

ImageWe’re helping fisherman, and boat owners reduce their fuel consumption, saving £1000s off their bottom line.

Watch the Vortex® marineflo movie.

Higher MPG & Lower Emissions

ImageA Vortex® ecoflo performance exhaust improves your car's fuel economy, reducing your carbon footprint by as much as 33% while saving you £100s on fuel costs.

Vortex® performance exhausts reduce pollution by creating an environment within the exhaust system which allows an engine to run more efficiently, thereby consuming less fuel and delivering more miles per gallon (Higher MPG).

Watch the Vortex® ecoflo fuel saving exhaust movie.

ImageWhen combined with a more efficient Vortex® catalytic converter and Vortex® filters, pollutant and particulate emissions can also be reduced.



Vortex Exhausts use approved emissions technology for the London Low Emission Zone

Vortex Exhausts PUREflo is here to help for the London Low Emissions Zone 2012

Bendpak® Exhaust Pipe Benders


ImageVortex® are the sole authorised distributor of BendPak® exhaust pipe bending equipment in the UK and Europe.

BendPak® are the market leaders in the US exhaust pipe bending industry and have been supplying garages with exhaust pipe bending machines since 1979.

Read more about Bendpak® exhaust pipe bending machines.